Collinswolfe K-9 Training School

Collinswolfe K-9 Training School

At CWK9s, we specialize in Home Protection. We not only provide dogs that will protect you, and your family, but if you have special considerations, we can custom train a dog to protect assets, property, assist in search and rescue missions, and much much more. To find the dog you’re looking for, just select one of the options above. If you’re not sure, give us a call, and we can take this one step at a time together.

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Not only does proper obedience strengthen the bond between owner and K-9, it corrects behaviors that prevents a satisfying bond between owner and dog. Proper obedience also provides an additional level of security for your K-9. Does your dog see you as a leader? Listen even when distractions are present?


Your K-9 will protect you by alerting you of nearby dangers by barking, showing aggression, and attacking on command on or off leash. It can also attack specific body parts, fight multiple assailants and check to see if the area is secure before you enter. This depends on the level of training it’s given.


Detection dogs can be trained to use their senses like their sense of smell to detect substances such as illegal drugs, explosives, wildlife scat, blood, and contraband electronics such as contraband mobile phones. Dogs noses are so powerful that they can tell if you a smell is coming from underwater.

The right dog for the job

Some breeds have genetic advantages, and are best suited to serve unique purposes matching their owners needs. With our help, we will get the perfect dog to keep completing your job flawlessly.