Collinswolfe K-9 Training School

Dogs for Law Enforcement

Fit for Duty

At CWK9s, while we specialize in training dogs to protect the home, we have and currently still work with law enforcement to provide reliable training to dogs, that prepares K9s to do all the things they need to in order to help our noble officers enforce the law. Some training you will find in these dogs is:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Detect the Dead
  • Much much more!

It is truly an honor for us to provide this service, and we look forward to doing an impressive job. Often, requests for specially trained dogs can get very specific, and pricing is contingent on these specifications. Needless to say, a phone call is in order to determine how we may provide a solution to your specific needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email to begin the process to achieve the best K9 dream team we can offer.

If you’re not in law enforcement but you have some valuables to protect, there’s no alarm system that can replace a dog. Reach out if you’re a business and need a dog for Asset Protection, perhaps a business like…

  • Event Security
  • Cash Transportation
  • Farmer
  • Much more, just email or call

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