Collinswolfe K-9 Training School


Level I

On leash your dog will:
Alert on danger (barking, shows aggression, attack on command)

Level II

Includes ALL level I done off leash with increased distractions.
Your K-9 will ALSO:
Deploy, release, attack specific body parts (transfer bites)

Level III

Includes ALL level I and II.
Your K-9 will ALSO:
Fight multiple assailants and clear house (your K-9 will check to make sure the area is safe before you enter)

Why do I need protection?

  • K-9 will alert its owner to danger (barking)
  • A Properly trained dog WILL defend as needed
  • The mere presence of a K-9 is a deterrent
  • People who live alone are more likely to be burglarized
  • Females are more likely to be assaulted
  • K-9 will defend you with its life
  • Elderly are more likely to have a home invasion
  • K-9 sense of smell is 40 times stronger then humans (alerting to fire, gas etc)